Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Taupe/Silver Eyes & Rasberry Lips | A Makeup Tutorial


Welcome back for another makeup tutorial! If you you want to see how to achieve this look, you can watch the video HERE

Before i show you the products i used let me defend myself...This is a video i filmed at night. Even though i thought the lighting was right and bright, my camera disagreed. I am done, thanks for reading!

Below you can see the products i used, along with some swatches and my complaints on the e/s quad.



  • Toyoko e/s quad in No 716 - i think
  • Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo in Black
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Maybelline the Colossal Volume' Express mascara, 100% black


This is the colour payoff of the palete with flash and in natural lighting:

This is the first time i use all the colours of the palette. Usually, i use one colour all over the lid and i am good to go. My complaint is that the shadows disappear when you blend them, i don't even know how this is possible! It only cost me around 6,80€ and i love the colours but i think that the quality of the eyeshadows should be higher.


  •  Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in 09 Soft Tan - used as a contour powder
  • Jully Rose blush in 02 (1€ shop)

  • Dorothy L e/s trio - lighter shade used as cheeskbone highlight


  • Liquid Lipstick No56 by KORRES

I hope you enjoyed it! I'll see you all soon!!!



  1. To eyeliner σου κρατάει αρκετή ώρα; Λέω να το δοκιμάσω!

    1. Σου απαντησα μεσω e-mail, ελπιζω να το ειδες!

  2. Tέλειο το υγρό κραγιονάκι και οι σκιές!
    ps:Είμαι το νέο σου μέλος, θα χαρώ να περάσεις μια βόλτα κι απ'το δικό μου :)

    1. Το κραγιον μου αρεσει παρα πολυ!!!Καλως ηρθες στην παρεα!!!Περασα...Θα με δεις καπου στα σχολια! :-)