Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer Makeup Look: Teal & Purple

 Yeap! That' s me again! This time i present you a colourful, summer appropriate look...

Special thanks to my friend Irene for giving me this lovely e/s duo as a gift, which is the star of this look.

Here are the products i used:

Eyeliner by Prestige in Black - Glimmerstick by Avon in Nocturnal

Max Factor's 2000 Calorie dramatic Look in Black

The first couple of e/s are NO brand! - Oriflame e/s duo from the very me line (no name) - Flormar e/s colour 85
The Flormar e/s was once broken and managed to fix it, that's why it looks weird!

Oriflame's lipstick in Coral Trend

Glamour Blush - Brush from Jumbo - Carlo & Roma used for contouring - bronzing beads by claire's

Excuse the lenght of the post...and enjoy the video!!!

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  1. Lovey colours, I like the purple shade