Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Contest Entry Makeup Tutorial

 Hello everyone!!!
So i made a makeup tutorial....Let me tell you the story behind it. DulceCandy87 is one of the first people i subscribed to on YouTube. She recently celebrated her 600K subscribers by hosting a contest. Meaning that if you want to win the prize you have to do your part. In this case she asked her viewers to recreate a makeup or hair tutorial choosing between the 500+ videos she has made in the past 4 years. Since i wanted to take part, i filmed a Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial. Disclaimer: i am not a professional, i am not suggesting that i look like Dulce Candy or Kim Kardashian. I simply recreated the look to enter the contest...and for fun!

The reason i chose this look is because the colours are neutral, "easy" and i already owned similar ones.

The products i used:

 1. Dorothy L trio - the cream shade used as highlighter
2. Cala e/s brush
3. Sponges!
4. Foxy eyeliner brush
5. Oriflame face primer
6. Toyoko crease brush
7. Make-Up Professional powder/blush brush
8. Too faced Shadow Insurance
9. Prestige - in black
10. Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo - in black
11. Galenic tinted moisturiser
12. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look - mascara in black
13. Carlo & Roma quad - used as e/s, brows & contouring
14. The Body Shop No22
15. Avon in Incredible
 Lastly, this is the finished look:
[Note: this is not an exact recreation, but a look more wearable for me]

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