Monday, 19 December 2011

My first attempt on the gradient nails...

Here is the finished look. Look? Well, nail look...Oh well, you know what i am talking about!

And the nail products i used...

 What  i did was apply two coats of Seventeen's No30. Then i put a drop or two of Seventeen's No264 on a sponge and dab it on my nail. Always start from the very tip and work your way up, until the 2/3 of your nail. Go on applying more coats of the dark green polish but every time stop lower than before, if that makes sence. Lastly, TOP COAT. I don't own a good top coat so i just used what i had, a colourless polish i don't really care for. I've heard so many people talk about Seche Vite and i can't wait to try it out!!!!

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